fivedeerToday was my first day back from May long weekend, which in my school division was a four day occasion. It was definitely nice to have a break, but I can’t help but feel that four days is quite a long time; especially when the weather decides to do a full cycle!

Friday was a beautiful day. We had just arrived at our trailer in Clear Lake the night before, and had the (brief) opportunity to enjoy the sunshine!  Additionally, my father and I spent some quality time together and went on a spontaneous wood cutting trip; it was neat! Click here to see the tree we cut down!> treefallingdown

Also on Friday, I saw some wildlife right off the bat; there were five deer all standing in a field at the campground. It was just my little sister with me at the time, so it was very cool that we got to share that moment together!

Saturday wasn’t so bad, aside from the rain of course. I noticed that most people, my family included, ended up going out anyways. Add a jacket, and off you go! Saturday was also the day when most of my friends, most of which I hadn’t seen in a year, began to open up their campsites. Every summer that we spend at the lake, everyone always has so much to talk about! Besides, you know what they say; distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Now whesnowyclearlaken the weather really started to pull a “Canada” on us, is when it snowed on the Sunday! I totally predicted it too; even last year it did the same thing. When I woke up that morning, the campground was blanketed in a thin layer of white. AGH! NO, IT’S THE MIDDLE OF MAY!

Finally, on my last day off we headed home. However, don’t think that that was a day of relaxation; I used that time to do a beer can/bottle drive for Free the Children right here in Shilo. With the support of my AMAZING community, I was able to collect an entire mini van full of cans/bottles! For those who didn’t have any at the moment to give, I will also be doing a pickup date June 15th.

So that was my May long weekeCan drivend. Despite the weather, I had lots of fun, and managed to support a charity along the way. I hope everyone else had an amazing weekend as well!


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  1. Christine Douglas says:

    Sounds like a very eventful weekend indeed. Way to go Dana!!!

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