Boy, has it ever been an eventful few weeks! There has been so much to think about and do lately on top of my normal responsibilities: like sponsorships, community events, and fundraising. With so muHanding Out Noisemakers at Brandon Wheatkings Gamech going on it can be tiring, but I honestly would not trade this experience for the world; besides, it’s good to keep busy! Almost immediately after the regional pageant, I began networking and so far have accomplished quite a few things such as:

1) Volunteer at the Brandon Wheatkings’ Game.

I must sMiss Brandon and Iay, the very first thing I did after being crowned Miss Teenage Shilo has to be my favourite so far. Miss Brandon and I had the honor of attending our local WHL hockey team’s game to hand out noisemakers; and after the Wheaties’ overtime win, you could tell we handed out a lot!

2) Be Featured in the Brandon Sun With Miss Teen Brandon

Click Here to Read the Article!

3) Becoming a Youth Ambassador for the Natasha’s Wood Foundation

The Natasha’s Wood Foundation is an Natasha's Wood FoundationOrganization dedicated to improving the lives of military and 1st responder children through education, sports, and most importantly story telling. I think this organization is so amazing because it really pushes the value of reading, and being a military child I believe that story telling has the power to heal. Be sure to check out the Natasha’s Wood Foundation website, as they are having a contest. If you win, your artwork could be featured in one of four story books!

Click Here to View the Natasha’s Wood Foundation Site!

4) Do a Radio Interview With 101.1 the FarmInterveiw with 101.1 the Farm

Just two days before writing this I got to meet with 101.1 the Farm’s Tim Black for a pre-recorded interview. This was in regards to who I am, what I’m doing, and my platform of raising awareness of mental issues in military children. I am so excited to hear how this turned out, and will be sure to post about it when it airs sometime next week!

5) Did Face Painting at My Local Family Day Barbeque

Face Painting at Family DayToday I volunteered at CFB Shilo’s Family Day barbeque, and was given the task of face painting. Now, I am by no means an artist; in fact, my one semester of Art class was the only thing preventing me from complete failure today! Although, it should be noted that painting the cute, little faces of squirming children, is a completely different thing than painting a still canvas. However, you don’t have to be the best at something to have fun, and I think my subjects would agree.

6) Planning a Social to Fundraise in June

Lastly, my mother and I have been busy organizing a social here in Shilo to raise funds for my entry fee. This event will be taking place in June, and will also host a silent auction. So far we have a party planner volunteering to organize the event, and have acquired items for the auction such as a jersey signed by the current Wheatkings team, a two night stay at a hotel in Winnipeg, and a beautiful handmade quilt.

So that’s what I have been up to lately! Everything so far, though it has taken quite a bit of work, has been falling into place. I’m learning a lot so far about networking, written and oral communication, and how to manage my time. It’s only been a short while too; imagine what other skills I’ll be acquiring as I continue on my journey!

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  1. Lynne Wozney says:

    Great to hear how and what you are doing. Onward and ever upward!

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