So I’m going to start off by saying that this blog post isn’t going to be in the regular Learning From Experience format. This is because this weeks post isn’t a specific event, but rather an stretched out experience that I feel can be learned from. Happy reading!

The first triumph but not the end

The moment that ended a journey, and began a larger one.

So as you may know, the national competition Miss Teenage Canada is extremely close now; one week kind of close. Naturally I’m a bit nervous. Everything I have worked for will soon all be judged in a competition that could forever change my life! Obviously that’s quite a bit of pressure to overcome.

Now, I would not hesitate to say that I am a very confident person; however a situation like this can really make an individual feel small. I began to look at the numbers, the other girls, and I compared myself; I became filled with doubt. However, I couldn’t remain in that mindset! If I believe I’m going to lose, then I’m going to be defeated by not only the competition, but myself.

They are looking for a strong, intelligent, beautiful person, to represent their title. So how can I embody that if I’m looking down? I realised that I needed to get out of this trench of self pity, and believe. Believing in yourself is the key to success!

Miss Eastman and I

Miss Eastman and I after crowning. A new friend made along this journey, and a powerful girl.

The girl who gets the crown is the one who knows they have the stuff to get it. She practices for hours on end to make sure her walk is the epitome of grace, she looks in the mirror and sees a beautiful smile, and fights for her platform to demonstrate her big heart. She knows going in that she needs to have fun, make friends, and that not winning is NOT losing. I sought to become this girl.

I will be that girl, I will have the confidence and the skill! Even if I don’t ultimately win, I know that I gave it my all, and that there are people that are proud of me; I’ll be proud of me. Because it isn’t the destination, it’s the journey! I will have learned, I will have made friends, and I will love myself.

We all have to learn this eventually if we want to succeed. You need to believe, get rid of the “if your not winning you’re losing” mentality, and learn to love yourself! I’m going to put all three of those things together for this competition, and into everything for the rest of my life.

Thank you for reading, and to all the other girls in this pageant, I wish you luck. I can’t wait to meet all of you extraordinary young women, and experience this journey with you all!

Experiences write your story


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3 Responses to LFE 4: Sentiments for Nationals

  1. Jenny says:

    You have already won my dear girl, you have a great attitude that will take you far in life. Super proud! Go get em!!

  2. Christine Douglas says:

    Dana you are an incredible young woman, stay positive. We are so looking forward to seeing you, were very proud of you no matter what happens. Your a winner already in our eyes, and you have a beautiful spirit, and may that guide you the rest of your life, love you. xx

  3. Lynne Wozney says:

    What a fantastic young woman you are: the strength to stand up for what you believe in: the wisdom to know we must work to succeed: the perseverance to work toward your goals but most of all, to give of yourself as you take this journey! Look forward, do your best and know that you are loved!

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