Actions speak louder then words, but motives tell all. It is no secret that a delegates platform, or even the everyday persons beliefs say a lot about him or her. So what does my chosen platform say about me, and what am I willing to do as a potential Miss Teenage Canada to promote it?

Speaking at Forbidden Flavours Fundraiser

Speaking about mental health at Forbidden Flavours Shilo

Firstly my platform, as previously vocalized, is to raise awareness of mental health issues in military children. This is a topic extremely close to my heart. I live and breath the military child lifestyle, and feel it has really shaped the young woman I am today; however there are stresses to overcome as well.

Because of my lifestyle I have gone through some lows. I have felt alone, drowned in worry for my parent, and have been bullied when I was forced to move to new schools. So many kids like me go through these things! I chose this platform not only to have my situation be heard, but to make it known amongst these struggling youth that there are others to support them, and that they can overcome their lows. It would mean so much to me to know that I had helped at least one youth!

MFRC Parade Float

On the Military Family Resource Centre Traveller’s Parade Float

If I am chosen as Miss Teenage Canada 2015 I would use my unique perspective and public speaking abilities to inspire conversation about mental health. Additionally, I would like to work further as a youth ambassador with a like minded organization, the Natasha’s Wood Foundation, and continue volunteering at the Military Family Resource Centres.

In summary, I have chosen an extremely important issue for my platform, would like to make a difference, and have a game plan to do so. I definitely possess the passion for my topic because it is my life! However, regardless of whether I am crowned, I will always stand up for “army brats” like me.

Thank you for reading.

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One Response to My Platform: The Mental Health of Military Children

  1. Lynne Wozney says:

    No one understands a military child’s issues like another military child/adolescent. You understand the agony a person undergoes when their parent is in an aggressive area and the risk is great. You know the anxiety of a move, not just to a new city but a school where the curriculum is different and the kids will be hard to get to know. You understand the pain your stay at home parent faces every time the news announces a soldier as been killed and the identity has yet to be released and you pray you don’t see the Padre at your door. You have experienced these and many more Dana. You are strong and empathetic young woman and I am proud you are my granddaughter. I will love you always!

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