Group photo at art partyThis past Tuesday I had the honor of hosting an event for the Natasha’s Wood Foundation. For those who don’t know, Natasha’s Wood is an Organization that seeks to raise awareness of mental health issues in military and first responder children and provide support.

The great thing about Natasha’s Wood, is that it cultivates imagination through art and storytelling; so naturally they have embraced this through a story book contest! They are getting children involved by having a contest where youth illustrate 4 story books. Click here to read more about the contest!¬†All of the proceeds from these books will go towards youth programs for the children affected.

Picture submissions at art partyTo help contribute to this cause, I hosted an art party at Shilo’s Military Family Resource Center! There we had an event that included local military children in this contest; 2 groups of children participated, and we were able to gather many pictures for submission.

Food at art partyAdditionally, we provided gifts for all the children! For the little girls I decorated crowns; I thought this was fitting because I always get asked if I can let them try on my crown, so instead I gave them one of their own to keep. Then, I gave the boys little animal puppets with googly eyes. However, that’s not to mention there was cake and ice cream for everyone!

Besides the contest (and the fun) I am very proud to be a youth ambassador for the Natasha’s Wood Foundation. I know what it is like to have to move frequently, cope with my father being away in dangerous places, and deal with the emotional aftermath of his deployment. It is amazing to see an organization that aspires to directly impact kids like me; in fact, I wish I would have gotten involved sooner!

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