Experiences write your storyI am a firm believer that the person you are today is shaped by the events in your life. Everything you do, or things that happen to you, will ultimately teach you a lesson if you look for it. That is the reason why I have decided to start this blog series; I want to further examine events in my life, big and small, to inspire people to try to learn more about themselves.

I will be posting an addition of “Learning from Experience” once a week. This week, being the first of many, I will cover an ongoing experience:

My Journey with Miss Teenage Canada

It was sort of a out of the blue decision, to enter Miss Teenage Canada. One day while scrolling through her Facebook feed, my mother came across it and asked me if it was something I would be interested in. Of course I thought “why not?” Then, within a few days I had done a telephone interview, and been accepted as a delegate!

Crowning PhotoNext, after many preparations including a social hosted by Forbidden Flavours Shilo, I was on my way to Winnipeg for regionals. There I was crowned Miss Teenage Shilo!

Obviously that was very brief explanation (I’m sure some of the other girls can attest to that) but really, that was only the beginning. After that I had started, and still currently am, getting out in the community. To be truthful, that is where the real learning comes in!

So What Did I Learn?

Well, it would be fair to say that I have learned many skills throughout my journey, but overall I would say that the biggest lesson was learning to put myself out there. It takes a great deal of confidence to even apply for Miss Teenage Canada, and it felt like a leap of faith or a long shot that I would be selected! However, I soon realised after my crowning that I had all the capability to succeed, and that it was just a matter of trying.

Another thing that leads me to this conclusion is getting out into the community. A good part of your final score in this competition is based on how you make yourself present in the community; that also takes putting yourself out there. Opportunities won’t just come to you! Making yourself stand out like that, even wearing your crown at events, can be scary. I just have to do it confidently, because now I have realized that I am capable and it is something I must do (and enjoy while it lasts).

Overall, being able to put yourself out there is crucial to success in more then just the pageant world. You won’t get a job if you don’t apply, you won’t make friends unless you make yourself known, and you won’t be happy if you don’t try! The key is to believe in yourself, really embrace the “why not?” attitude, and just do.

Because Experiences write your story

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2 Responses to New Blog Series: Learning from Experience

  1. Kym Old says:

    A Blog On Learning Experiences – A Great Concept 🙂
    It is wonderful to hear a young lady, of your tender age, become so aware of the way experiences can shape one’s path ahead and then further share the story of your experience to light the way for others…encouraging each and every one to take a chance on “them” and try.

  2. Lynne Wozney says:

    Putting yourself out there to learn through your experiences, to grow, to be available to others, is a wonderful thing; but I want you to be aware that as you are learning, so too are you teaching.

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