So this past Saturday we had a bake sale and carwash to help raise funds to get me to Toronto! It went extremely well to say the least. Many people in our community donated baked goods for our sale, and even helped wash cars. Additionally, we were able to hold our event at the Shilo Fire Hall all thanks to the kindness of our local firefighters; they even cleared out their fire trucks so we could hold the sale in the bay! Even though the morning of the sale it rained, the clouds parted and we were able to sell almost all of our baked goods; not to mention we cleaned more vehicles then the rain did!

FTC Shells and HoneyAlso at the sale were some shell Christmas ornaments from the Turks and Caicos Islands, and tubs of honey from Bee Blossom Apiaries! All the proceeds from these products will be donated to the charity Free the Children. The shells were provided by Anna’s Art Gallery and Studio, and decorated by Christine Douglas. A big thank you to those two for donating them for the sale!

A friend came to help out!

My friend Meagan came from Brandon to help out. Another great example of community!

Finally, I am so amazed by my community at their ability to come together and support each other. Ever since moving to Shilo 3 years ago, I have really seen the strength of this community demonstrated through the people in it. Military communities may have their struggles, but they sure make up for it! A last thank you to all the people who donated, volunteered at, and visited my event; without people like you, I would never be able to achieve what I have so far.

Thanks for reading!

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