Taco Truck SelfieHave a craving for spicy tacos? Well you need to check out the Richtree Taco Truck in Toronto’s Eaton Centre; the girls and I received good quality food, excellent service, and all from the coolest little truck!

I ordered the chicken burrito, and boy was it hot! It’s one of those foods where they taste fantastic, but also simultaneously give you a little heat to keep you on the edge of your seat. They also serve beef and fish tacos as well, which I am informed by other delegates that are also of top quality; regardless of tastes, they got you covered.

Not only do they have good food, but the staff are also very friendly, and the food arrives quick. What else could you possibly want? I was absolutely stunned at how well they fulfilled the orders of 82 girls in the small time frame it took, and all with a smile on their faces.

Moreover, if you are in the area you should definitely check this truck out!

If you would like more information about Richtree, check out their social media here:

Twitter Tweet at #RichtreeFiesta



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