Canada, simply put, is amazing. We are a developed, and free country; however we are not the only nation with those two characteristics. To really see what makes Canada the great country it is, one must look at what makes us different. We have a variety of different biomes, a vast pool of opportunities, and a very diverse range of cultures.


Firstly, Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world based on area, but 37th in population; meaning there is A LOT of empty space in this country! “What fills that space?” one may ask. Well for starters there is the tundra; located in the northernmost regions of Canada where it is FREEZING cold. Then the boreal forest, which is the largest biome that holds familiar animals such as moose, and deer. The temperate forest, which is similar to the boreal except it has a higher biodiversity, and a warmer climate. And last but not least, the grasslands; otherwise know as the prairies. That’s a lot of variety for one country, and part of what makes it so special!


Not only is Canada a land of many biomes, but also a land of many opportunities! First of all, everyone is entitled to an education up to the end of high school. Then, because of the availability of scholorships and student loans, everyone can pursue further education. Meanwhile in other countries, post secondary education is not available to everyone because the average person can’t afford it!

There are also opportunities when it comes to finding a job; even in Brandon there is a youth job centre that serves people ages 16-29. At the youth job centre they help people build a resume, offer advice on job interviews, and even help people figure out what they’re good at! If one looks further, one can even see the amount of job opportunities demonstrated by the immigrant population. People come to Canada to work and live because of all the amazing opportunities available for them.


Speaking of immigrants, our country offers them the same rights and respect as anyone born in Canada! Canada is often refered to as a “melting pot” of different cultures; meaning they all come together. In fact, it is the people that make a country the way it is; with all the cultures that make up Canada, it gives everyone the chance to explore new things, and learn more about themselves.

With the diverse group of people that make up our country, people have learned to be more tolerant to the differences of others. Canadians are free to practice the religions they choose, and have their beliefs protected and respected. Not only that, but there is also a plethora of different places of worship for Canadians to utilize. Mosques, temples, churches, all accessible!

Moreover, the characteristic that makes Canada so great, is being unique. From a unique environment, different opportunities, and a mix of people, Canada is truly a one of a kind nation.

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  1. Lynne Wozney says:

    Wonderful read! Our country is great and we have some wonderful young people within, as evidenced by the young lady writing this narrative!

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